Distillation Technology

PWST’s distillation technology has been developed with pilot plants at Aston University in the UK and the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Summerland British Columbia, Canada

PWST specialized distillation applications include
  • Low/no alcohol wine and other beverages
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fruit aroma concentration and fractionation
  • Essential oil refining
PWST Low/No Alcohol Wines Process
This technology makes undamaged wine products with any desired alcohol content and full retention of the vital aromas that characterize the wine.
PWS Low/No Alcohol Wine Plant for AB Vin & Sprit, Stockholm, Sweden Project also included a special new sterile bottling line.

PWS developed project concept, pilot plant development, and provided design, supply, construction, project management, operator training, startup .
Essential Oil Refining Plant
Production of pure Terpinen-4-ol from Australian Tea Tree Oil

PWST has also developed high efficiency Aromatech™ distillation with applications in the super concentration and refining of fruit aromas and isolation of refined aromas to desired sensory character.
  • Super-Concentration of fruit aromas
  • Refining of fruit aromas to achieve a desired sensory profile
  • Refining of essential oils
Alcoholic Beverages
PWS Aromatech™ Technology has also found an application in the production of aromas for the manufacture of vodka.